Design & Construction

Expert Extensions is your dedicated partner in the exciting journey of creating your bespoke dream home. We understand that such an endeavor isn’t just about building walls and roofs, but about crafting a personal sanctuary that embodies your unique vision and lifestyle. With our comprehensive Design and Construction service, we’re committed to delivering a well-structured, personalized, and caring experience that caters to your every need.

While many builders market the advantages of Design and Construct services, they often fall short in delivering the specialized design expertise required to truly capture the essence of your dreams. Our extensive proficiency in the design phase ensures that we don’t just build houses; we tailor each design meticulously to align with your specific desires and the distinct characteristics of your property.

We pride ourselves on offering a service where innovation meets tradition, ensuring that every design isn’t only original and protected by our exclusive copyright but is also critically assessed for cost implications at the earliest stages.


House Design

Initial Design Consultation

From initial site assessments to detailed design concepts and cost estimates, we focus on clear communication and meticulous planning for a seamless build process.

Site Assessment

At Expert Extensions, we understand the importance of a tailored approach to building your home. That’s why our team is dedicated to conducting comprehensive site assessments, ensuring that each unique aspect of your property is carefully considered in the design and build process.

We identify any potential issues early to prevent future complications and cost overruns, align our designs with the natural contours of the land for optimal sustainability, and strategically position your home for the best use of natural light.

Concept Development Process

Our team collaborates closely with you, blending your aspirations with our professional expertise to craft a home that truly reflects your individuality.

Throughout the process, we maintain transparency, especially regarding costs, to provide you with peace of mind and a clear path forward.

With Expert Extensions, every step towards your dream home is taken with care and precision, tailored to your personal needs.

Preliminary Costing Benefits

This essential service gives you a glimpse into the future expenses, allowing for the necessary adjustments to your design to align with your budget. It’s our way of safeguarding you against unforeseen costs and ensuring your financial comfort.

With clear financial expectations set from the start, you’ll experience smoother communication with builders and a more efficient construction process. Our three decades of expertise in delivering accurate preliminary costings mean you can plan confidently and secure financing more easily.

Detailed Plan Finalization

Our experts guide you through the process of finalizing detailed plans, ensuring that each aspect of your home design, from room layouts to window orientations, aligns perfectly with your unique lifestyle and desires.

We make certain that the final plans meet your approval before proceeding to the next steps, which include obtaining accurate estimates and necessary permits. With a focus on transparency and precision, Expert Extensions is dedicated to building a home that not only meets but surpasses your highest expectations.

Contract and Permitting

Our team takes care of these critical aspects, providing you with financial stability and ensuring adherence to regulations, all with minimal hassle on your part.

With Expert Extensions, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to a transparent and communicative process, making your home construction experience both secure and stress-free.

Construction Phase Overview

As we approach completion, we gear up for a seamless handover of your new home. Expert Extensions is committed to delivering not just a building, but a personalized space that resonates with your dreams, ready for you to make cherished memories in.

Quality Assurance Measures

Our proven quality assurance measures are in place to guarantee that the final product reflects our commitment to excellence and your specific needs.

With Expert Extensions, you can trust that your project will be executed with precision, adhering to the utmost industry standards from start to finish.

Handover and Completion

We prioritize your understanding of the essential documents and warranties that come with your home, making sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to properly maintain and care for it. Our team is on hand to address any questions, ensuring you feel informed and ready to embark on this exciting new chapter.

With Expert Extensions, it’s not just about handing over keys; it’s about delivering on our promise of satisfaction and support. Once we’re assured of your happiness with the end result, we’ll wrap up the paperwork and join you in celebrating the realization of your dream home.

Post-Construction Support

We stand by our commitment to address any issues or concerns that may surface as you settle in.

For any queries, necessary tweaks, or maintenance advice, count on us to provide the support you need. With a detailed home walkthrough and a reliable warranty, we ensure you’re well-informed and covered.

Should your home require additional changes down the line, our team is ready to assist, with all your project details on file to guarantee consistency with the original craftsmanship.


Living Room Design